Aunthill Farms Membership

Aunthill Farms Memberhip Q&A:

1. An Aunthill Farms Membership? How does it work?

In 2017, we are going to work with a Membership-program. How does it work? You want the technical answer? With an Aunthill Farms Membership you rent part of our land and buy part of an animal. By purchasing a meat-box, you hire us to raise, butcher and process your animal and we deliver your Meat-box.

2. Why so complicated?

There are many laws in Manitoba, some of which make it hard and expensive to get your animals butchered. It also forces you to send your animals through a butcher-plant that slaughters thousands of animals a week. This means that even though we try so hard ourselves to keep the meat as healthy as possible, there is always a possibility beyond our reach that may contaminate the meat. With our Memberships it’s a legal way for us to keep control into our own hands without having to go through the expensive butcher-shops.

3. So if I am renting the land, can I come and check on my livestock, and maybe grow a little garden there myself while I’m at it?

Although I am sure that would sound nice, you do also have to consider that on top of being a place of business, our farm is also our private-home. When you sign the rental-agreement you also sign that you will not come onto the land without permission. So sorry, but no. But if you are interested in coming by and seeing how we work, feel free to give us a call and we can see if we can make an arrangement.

4. Why do I have to pay for a membership and also for the boxes?

The Membership includes two things, one is land-rental and one is a share in some livestock.
The Boxes pay for a little more, it pays for raising the animal, butcher the animal and processing it, and purchasing new livestock so we’ll have boxes available in the future.

5. Why do I pay GST on my food and Meat-boxes?

There is GST on the Food and Meat-boxes because you pay for the service we supply with raising, butchering the animals, and processing and delivering the Meat-Boxes. You pay GST on the service.

6. How much is a Membership?

A Membership is a two-parter, one part is an annual fee, $50 for the rental of the land. And a one time only fee, $50 for purchasing some livestock on your behalf. Total (first year) fee: $100

7. Are you still going to make Kitchen-products?

Unfortunately we won’t be making any kitchen-products anymore, no more perogies, lasagna’s, ginger cookies. We are sorry about that, but for us it means that we can focus more on our passion, farming!

8. What kind of Meat-Boxes are you talking about?

Well, starting January 1st, 2017 we’ll have Beef- and Pork-Meat-Boxes available. Soon in the new year we’re hoping to offer you Lamb and towards the end of spring also Roasting Chicken. We are also contemplating about Mixed-Meat-Boxes but we haven’t decided yet. For more information on what kind of boxes we’re going to start with, click here.

9. Can I add a steak to my Meat-box?

The Meat-boxes are very well thought through to make sure nothing of a butchered animal is left over. That also means that we don’t have anything left over to add specially to your box . So at the moment, no, we won’t be able to add a steak, or a tenderloin or anything else to a box.

10. What about eggs?

Eggs will be available for members only. You can add eggs to your Meat-Box order.

11. Is there a minimum order?

Yes there is. We only deliver orders above $45. If you only ordered Eggs, the total has to be above $45.

12. So yes! Sign me up! What do I do?

Howdy Farmer! Send us an e-mail or give us a call 204-643-5380. We’ll send you the Membership-contract, you fill it out and send it back to us together with a cheque for the Membership fees (first year $100). And starting January 1st, 2017 you’ll be able to purchase your Meat-boxes, eggs and more!